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Outstanding bowls witnessed at the WBC Mixed Triples Final

The Mixed Triples Final took place at the Woombye Bowls Club on Sunday afternoon.

From the onset of the match, the quality of bowls was on display for all spectators.

The match-off was between Shane Krause, Roachy Tapara & Doug Tognolini, versing Nev Kuss and Graham and Julie Christian.

The Krause team was off to a flying start, bagging five in the first end.

By nine ends, it was 9-3, 18 ends 23-10.

The end results was Team Krause who defeated Team Kuss 28-13.

WInners! Roachy Tapara, Shane Krause and Doug Tognolini.

Nev Kuss, Roachy Tapara, Shane Krause, Doug Tognolini and Graham and Julie Christian

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