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Upcoming Club Games

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Games Director Shane Krause has announced the upcoming games for Mixed Pairs Finals, Men’s Triples, Mixed Triples and Handicap Singles.

Friday 23 July @ 1pm

Mixed Pairs Finals: P. Harris v D. Kuss

Saturday 24 July @ 1pm

Men’s Triples: W. Edwards v V. Elms

Mixed Triples: K. Clapham v S. Krause.

Sunday 1 August

Handicap Singles - 9am start

K. Clapham v D. Kuss

L. Saurine v B. Perrin

I. Cranny v D. Bullock

P. Cranny v M. Nilon

I. Kuss v K. Merritt

J. Thorton v H. Rudolph

A. Lambert v Steve RS

Handicap Singles - 1pm start

N. Wilson v V. Elms

W. Knetter v D. Kopp

R. Hastie v B. Hastie

D. Baldwin v S. Krause

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