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The Club was born in 1947 after a Public  meeting at the Woombye School of Arts in March 1947. 20 keen bowlers turn up for the meeting.

First minutes of the club where recorded on December 2nd, 1947.

Foundation Membership was 3 pounds and threepence

Initial land for the green was proposed near the current Scout den but was rejected due to possible flooding  and the current land was selected.

In March 1950 the 7 rink green was declared playable and Officially opened on the 31st October 1951.

The 2nd small green was opened on February 20th, 1993 and current Life Member Mr Doug Milne rolled the first jack on the green.

The original clubhouse opened in 1953 with a Major upgrade which opened on May 9th, 1987.

Finally we are recognised as one of the oldest Sporting Clubs on the Sunshine Coast 

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