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Father-son duo win WBC Men's Triples Finals

Daniel Saurine showed off his bowling skills by skipping the Woombye Bowls Club's Men's Triples Finals to a victory on Saturday afternoon.

He was supported by his father Pete Saurine and led by Daz Adams.

The trio played off against Nev Kuss, Robin Hastie and Vern Elms.

The Saurines and Adams were off to a flying start, before Kuss, Hastie and Elms started turning up the heat.

However, it was the Saurines and Adams who were the victors, defeating them 25-19.

Victors: Daz Adams with Daniel and Pete Saurine.

Robin Hastie, Vern Elms, Daz Adams, Daniel and Pete Saurine and Nev Kuss.

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